Our Mission

Our mission is to give music creators the freedom to create music with artists across the world. We want to eliminate the boundaries artists face when creating their art.

What is Razu ?

Razu is a networking and collaborating service for artists in the music industry. We provide music creators the collaborative tools to create and enhance songs virtually.

During the early stages of their career, many artists are limited to creating music with their friends. Occasionally, an artist’s current network may not provide the best support to create. They might lack a great mixing engineer, an amazing songwriter, or even a better session musician.

Razu is a community where music creators can discover new talent, regardless of their geographic location. Once an artist finds their collaborative needs, they can collaborate and create a new sound on our platform.

With RAZU You can

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Create music projects with new music talents

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Manage music projects and files seamlessly

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Collaborate on music projects from start to finish

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Grow your music network with artists around the world